Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Seco de Carne - Peruvian Beef Stew

Purple Peruvian potatoesImage by chez pim via Flickr

I'm gonna cheat here today.

I was checking out the search phrases that have brought people here, and it seems that about 99% of the people who find my blog on Google find it after doing a search for seco de pollo or Peruvian chicken stew, or some variation of that.

So - for all of y'all that have shown up here and tried my recipe for seco de pollo - thanks, and I hope it was delicious!

And I'm going to give you an extra bonus on that today - If you like the seco de pollo, you can do seco de carne also. It's the same recipe - just substitute stew beef for the chicken! My boys prefer it to the chicken, actually.

So - click on the linkie here and go to the seco de pollo recipe - and instead of browning chicken, lightly flour some stew beef and brown it. Then follow all the rest of the directions just like they're written. It's yummy!

I couldn't find a picture of any seco de carne, so I put a picture of some pretty Peruvian purple potatoes. I'll cook up some stew this week or next and put up a picture of it.

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