Sunday, November 8, 2009

reBlog from Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Backlinks

I found this great source for anyone who's looking for ways to get backlinks to their blogs/lenses/hubs etc:

This page is going to be a great resource to find all the information you need on how to build backlinks. I will keep adding to it as more linking resources are created. Remember ~ this is a comprehensive resource ~ not all of these ideas will be right for what you are doing. If you have questions about whether something in particular will work for you feel free to ask in the comment section of the particular post or resource. (make sure you bookmark this page so you can find it again ~ and hit the retweet button to share with your friends), Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Backlinks

You should read the whole article.

I know this is a really bizarrely off-topic post for me - but the above website has been so much help to me in learning my way around the internet, I wanted to share it with other people.

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