Saturday, September 5, 2009

Selling the Little House

When I first came to Peru five years ago, my husband was the proud owner of a tiny little house. How tiny? Just under 30 square meters tiny. It had bare concrete floors, woven rattan roofing, and sheets of cardboard stapled to the beams for a ceiling. No hot water. One bunk bed, that we shared with our two sons.

Since we moved out, we've been renting it, but the renters aren't really dependable - sometimes they pay late, other times they don't pay at all. And we were renting it for $90/month. The income just wasn't worth the hassle.

So, we've got it up for sale. It's the only house my husband ever lived in before he met me, and it's breaking his heart just a little to let it go. We put quite a bit of work into it - a pretty ceiling made of drywall, hot water, fixed up the walls and painted, and it's a cute little place now... but it's still little. But there are so many memories there! It's hard to let it go, but we're going to use the money to buy a car. We've been spending about $300 a month on transportation, so in the long run, it works out for us to trade the money pit in for something that can save us a little cash.

Chau, mi casita!

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