Monday, September 14, 2009

Getting some work done

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It was a busy day around the house here. We've been having some problems with black mold in the bathrooms. Our upstairs neighbor (not the good neighbor, the other one!) left a pipe leaking while she was out of town a few months back, and it flooded her place. And soaked through the floor. Which is the ceiling of both our bathrooms and the boy's room. Just another reason why I don't think I'll ever buy this house. (Sorry, good neighbor - you rock and I like having you upstairs!)

So, we spent most of this afternoon scraping the paint off, bleaching the mold, and then re-painting with a fungicide paint. I didn't even know such a thing existed, but it's on my bathroom ceilings now. Looks much better than it did before, I'll tell you that much.

We also got the drying room (that's the room where I hang clothes to dry) painted and the outside wall of the garden room painted with fungicide paint too.

It's always nice to get work done. And bills paid! I paid all the credit card and telephone bills. So (she said, wiping the dust off her hands), nothing left to do but wash the dishes and do some writing.

Sorry I don't have anything to tell y'all about cooking today - We got take out from the criollo restaurant down the street. Grilled chicken, fried potatoes, rice, salad, and soup. Yum.
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