Saturday, September 19, 2009

Selling the Little House, Take 2

I figured, hey! I've got this blog, why not post pics of the house here? Sometimes I'm just a little slow on the uptake, folks. ;)

The house is just a smidge under 30m2, with unfinished concrete flooring. It has a living/dining area, a bedroom, and a kitchen with a very small bathroom. The bathroom has a shower, no tub - but it does have a decent electric on-demand therma - not a widow-maker.

This first shot is standing in the kitchen, looking towards the bathroom. The shelving and cabinet will stay in the house. The pipe up by the roof is something I put in for hanging clothes to dry - up nice and high, out of the way, in the warmest part of the house.

This is in the bedroom, looking towards the door from the living room.

Second shot in bedroom, looking towards the door into the kitchen.

A better look at the ceiling in the bedroom - it's made of finished drywall, and that is a window in the top. It is hinged for opening and closing to let in fresh air or keep out dampness.

In the living room, looking towards the door into the bedroom. Bicycle not included. ;)

This is in the living room, looking towards the front of the house, with window and entrance. Ceiling here, as in the rest of the house is finished drywall.

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Here's a map of the area - In the middle of the map, you'll see the Parque Paul Harris - the street running down the west side of the park is San Pedro. The casita is located right about where the 'P' is in Pedro.

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