Wednesday, January 13, 2010


PORT-AU-PRINCE, HAITI - JANUARY 13: A man with...Image by Getty Images via Daylife
I've spent most of the morning listening to news about Haiti today - my heart just breaks for those poor people.  The poverty there is simply incredible - there are people there so poverty stricken that they actually bake crackers made of dirt.  And now, what little they had is gone. 

What I do notice (and I try very hard not to bring politics into this, but I have to say this) is the difference in the response from the US, in comparison to the earthquake here in Ica, and in comparison to the December 26 tsunami a few years ago.  I'm glad to see the US step up and do the right thing.

I saw an interesting suggestion from a woman on CNN message board:  If the US is going to be giving a lot of money in aid and reconstruction to Haiti, why not get skilled construction workers from the US - where so many are out of work right now - and send them over there, house them in cruise ships and pay them to do the re-building?  This way we create a few thousand jobs for Americans plus help a country that truly needs help.
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  1. Hi Kelly,
    This is Derek Pruett from M80, a marketing agency working with Royal Caribbean, Intl. In light of Tuesday's earthquake, Royal Caribbean is providing various relief efforts to the region. They have teamed up with Food For The Poor, a relief organization that provides direct assistance throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. Anyone interested in assisting can make a donation, For regular updates on Royal Caribbean's humanitarian relief efforts, you can visit President and CEO, Adam Goldstein's blog, Thank you.

  2. Anyone clicking on Derek's link - he miswrote it - It should be

    And they are a highly rated charity on, so you can feel secure in donating through them.

  3. Kelly, Now you see your blog is really doing some good. What a great idea. Maybe you should send a message to the White House.


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