Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Beautiful Day in Lima

Saffron FinchImage via Wikipedia
Today has been an absolutely gorgeous day here in Lima.  The sun has been out almost all day, making it warm and lovely, but not too hot - I think it might have hit 80.  The birds have been nutso in the back yard.  I've had doves coming INTO the house to drink water from the dog bowl!  The whole back wall of our house is windows, which of course are open now - not to mention the big double doors - and the birds just come and go as they please.

Apart from the birds, the garden is really looking beautiful.  The bougainvillea has filled back in very nicely, and I've got hibiscus and roses blooming.  The peace lilies have dozens of flowers - the air just seems fresher in the backyard. Is it any wonder I never like to leave the house?

The bird in the picture is a Saffron Finch - and there's been a pair of them back there today scavenging for nesting material.  Looks like their building in the bougainvillea.  Let's wish them luck!
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