Sunday, December 14, 2008

Nothing to see here, Move along. ;p

We had leftovers yesterday. I cooked up a pot of rice, fried up some more sausage, and served that with the remains of the lentils from the day before.

Today, we had eggs and toast. And mango, grenadilla (passion fruit) and oranges. We're having Chinese take-out (which they call chifa here) for dinner tonight. It's been sort of a catch-as-catch-can weekend, as far as food goes.

More home cooking tomorrow, though - I think we're going to have arroz a la cubana. What is it? Do you know? Find out tomorrow!


  1. I have just located your blog and have read your posts thus far. So, what is arroz a la cubana. Cuban chicken? Keep it up. I like the lentil soup recipe.

  2. Thanks for the comment - I'll talk about arroz a la cubana in today's post. :)


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